You will be amazed!

Since becoming an Independent Avon Representative, I have been trying products from the company. I have been extremely impressed with their product quality, price, and customer service. I have always felt this way, because before becoming a rep. I was a customer. I like to do live videos on my Facebook group. I would share it … Continue reading You will be amazed!


Skin So Soft: The Product taking over our life.

Skin So Soft is a product sold strictly from Avon. What is Avon? A pretty amazing company that sells beauty products, clothing, handbags, jewelry, men's skin care, items for the home, and so much more. How do I order? Easy! Go to my eStore: Is it pricey? Nope! Always good deals on quality product. … Continue reading Skin So Soft: The Product taking over our life.

Mom > Pain

A fantastic guest post from a fellow blogger, Joanna Dwyer. Love her!! You can read more from Joanna on her blog: Chronic Parenting We know that moms are incredible. We voluntarily give up our bodies and lives for our kids. But, I have to say, moms with chronic pain are the most hardcore. We do … Continue reading Mom > Pain