You will be amazed!

Since becoming an Independent Avon Representative, I have been trying products from the company. I have been extremely impressed with their product quality, price, and customer service. I have always felt this way, because before becoming a rep. I was a customer.

I like to do live videos on my Facebook group. I would share it on here, but I will not subject you to my complete awkward, and over enthusiastic banter. Take my word for it, I am pretty entertaining. Well, I guess, it’s the complete train wreck of my videos that deserve the entertainment credit.

Anyways, I decided to do a live video of myself with only half of my face with makeup. Yes, I actually did that. However, it proved to show just how well the Avon products I use perform.

I started with a day cream. Keep in mind I only applied all the products to one side of my face. Nutraeffects Balance Day Cream is something I will be purchasing with my next order. It has chia seed and mattifying powders. Also, SPF 15, hypoallergenic, paraben-free, and dye-free. It blurred the pores on my face, not heavy at all, and just seemed to help my skin glow. It’s a must to keep your face well hydrated; it’s a plus when you get bonuses like this in a day cream. You can check out the whole product line HERE.

Next was to tackle my under-eye dark circles. I am a mom of two little boys, I am usually up late. It’s the best time to get needed work done. Like a blog for instance. I had little hope that this would actually lighten my dark circles in the first use. Usually you have to use these products for weeks before you see results. I was completely wrong! Anew Clinical Absolute Even Dark Circle Corrector is like under-eye dark circle gold. It legitimately lightened those tall-tail signs of late nights. I am really excited to see the results when I am using this stuff for a whole week!


I love making my eyes pop! I am a sucker for shimmer eyeshadow and jet black mascara. I used 3 eyeshadows: True Color Eyeshadow Singles in Champagne and True Color Eye Shadow Duo in Healthy Glow. These shadows are vibrant, full of luster, and the pigment is very rich.

Big & Multiplied Mascara is exactly that. No gross clumps, or crunch lashes with this fantastic tube of black silk-ness (I know that is probably not a word, but whatever.) Beautiful full lashes every time.



My little experiment of half a face of makeup turned out to be a huge eye-opening event for me. Avon’s makeup is top shelf; it’s just not priced that way. My best friend and mother are now using a lot of Avon products. I would not suggest it to them if I thought it was crap; let alone wear it myself. Try some, you may be amazed with the results.

Shop my eStore HERE.

Become and Independent Avon Representative HERE. Become your own Beauty Boss!





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