You Can Do It.

I am a mom to two kids. I am a wife to a disabled veteran. I am a blogger. I work in a doctor’s office. I have a rare disorder called Marfan Syndrome.

My plate is full, and I didn’t even mention that I try to serve in several ministries in our church. I am a busy, ambitious woman.

If all my responsibilities were not enough, I wanted to add another item to the list of tasks that makes up my everyday life.

I decided to dive into the world of direct sales. There seem to be hundreds of businesses to choose from. So many avenues you could go down….
…..but what’s the best one for me (or maybe even you)?

I had to decide what I was interested in, and  I had to make sure the product I would be selling was a product I trusted and used.  I had to decide how much time and money I wanted to invest.

I began doing research on all the major players in the direct sales world. I searched and contemplated for six months. Finally, I made my very thought out and educated choice. I went with a great company that has been around for over 100 years. I went with Avon.

Let’s backup for a moment; why direct sales?

I wanted to make extra money, but I could not afford childcare. Let’s face it, I could send my five-year-old to college on what I would pay for a reputable babysitter. I feel like it’s a waste. Yes, babysitting can be a waste of money. I know what you are thinking: this chick is insane…

Hear me out.

Why pay for a sitter if  I could find a job to fit around job number one’s schedule, my husband’s college courses, and my kindergartener’s school days? Unless I want to go to third shift, my options are few and far between. This is where my interest in direct sales started.
Back to the topic: Selling Avon.
Why Avon?
1. Why not?
2. I love their products! I seriously do!
3. They have products for my whole family.
4. I can make it fit MY life.
5. I can earn as much as I want. Disclaimer: You have to work, don’t sit and think customers will be pounding down your door. YOU need to work for YOUR business.
6. Awesome incentives: trips, jewelry, cash, the list goes on.
7. Amazing mentors and business professionals that always share advice.
8. No huge inventory. Unless you want a huge inventory! That’s completely up to you for YOUR business.
9. Oh, the people you will meet! I have met some amazing women through my short time with Avon. In person, and online.
10. It’s all mine. That’s right! My very own business. I am the boss, I am the employee, heck I’m even the cleaning staff. It’s all mine. I get to tailor it to my needs and wants.

It’s not worth it, these companies are all the same.

Take a step back Negative Nancy. With my earnings I have provided clothes for my boys, some awesome Lula for myself, and started putting away money for our family vacation. Bonus: I get products at a discount! I have probably saved about $100 on my grocery and clothing budgets. I get crazy discounts when buying from my own Avon account. Everything from deodorant to shoes, I can get it cheaper than any brick and mortar.

I am not the person who sells product. I only know five people.

That’s not even a good excuse. You want to know what the average percent  of family/friends who buy from the Representative they know and love? 1%! How do you get customers?

  • Social Media: Avon has this great social media app that links all your platforms and will post for you great advertisements. Its even directly connected to your FREE eStore.
  • eStore: Your very own free website. You make commission off of any sales made through your online store.
  • Strangers: I left a book at Starbucks with, “Free! Please Take!”, and within an hour I had a new customer that placed a huge order. I have made some of my best customers by just leaving my books with my info in random places.
  • Customer Service: Serve your customers with grace and a smile. I guarantee they will refer you. I got a phone call from a sweet lady that placed an order. She got my info from her friend I gave a book too.

I can’t sell Avon, I have no idea where to begin.

Sweetheart, you get a mentor and so much help through Avon itself. You will never be “stranded” and unable to find an answer.

Never sign up with Avon without a reference code.

You want to know that your team leader is reputable and wants you to succeed. If you like what you are reading, that’s awesome, because I can be your team leader! I would be so excited to have you on my team!

I want to do this. I want to be my own boss!

You, my dear friend, have made the right decision.

You can sign up here:   REFERENCE CODE: samanthamalone

If you still have more questions, I would love to take time with you, and help you make the best decision for YOU. Email me:

I sincerely hope to hear from you soon!



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